A gloomy Tuesday afternoon…

26 01 2010

There are times when I tell myself not to read my horoscope because even though it is purely for entertainment I tend to believe that there is a connection between me and the stars above.  I also know good people that are more in touch with metaphysics than others. I don’t really know where this is going but I thought it’s a good time right now to write a blog. I haven’t really seen a lot of television lately except for the shows that I follow and I watch them on Hulu. I might visit the closest Barnes and Noble in an hour or so just to browse on different reading material. I am really enjoying blogging right now.

I was never a big reader. I always liked text books where I can get a lot of exciting information. Novels bore me. It’s funny that I like regular school text books where I know exactly what I’m reading.  I also like picture books because I appreciate a good and interesting photograph. I like Music books of course, I like to see concert photos and random pics of famous people.

I had another strange dream today. It seems like a continuation of previous dreams. I only clearly remember it right after I wake up then forget about it. But it seems like there is this other person that I communicate with and we are trying to escape from something. There is a hidden passage where we go and it just starts off so quickly. The entrance is in a wall and then I go there and I’m not sure if I was able to make it or not. I’m not sure if he was able to make it or not either. It just goes on. Dreams are so interesting. I don’t remember something that has this kind of continuity but I guess that’s something I should look forward to. The thing is I don’t know when it is going to happen again.



23 01 2010

How wonderful that blogging has been invented. I feel somewhat at peace with myself when I talk about the things that linger in my head. Thankful to the friends that I have that support and believe in me. I would have really done this a long time ago with wordpress but I was hesitant because of the fact that I would get attach with another website and so on and so forth. However, I do realize that not all people are interested in the same thing as I do. Not everyone tweets like me, or posts links on myspace or facebook.

In the next album I am working on after “Crème”, I wrote a song about the year 2100. Part of the lyrics is, What can I do…to you? It’s a question just like any other. A curious thought of what would we be doing as a form of communicating with each other. Also most importantly how are we going to be listening to music. Before CD’s were so popular I listened to the radio. It was pretty obvious that the DJs music played was in some sort of a list that they have to follow because I noticed that the most popular song would play at the same time in the afternoon.

I loved the radio but I also loved Television. I guess I’m trying to peek into the future and ask questions about the form of media we will be using. In the past 10 years, we have been introduced to the mp3 players and as we can all see CD’s are almost completely gone. The production of compact discs in my case is not lucrative at all. I am reaching out more on the web. I have noticed that people that really want to get to know me more can visit the websites I am on, as opposed to going to a record store because there are hardly any at this point.

I remember when I would hunt down the Tower Records on Sunset blvd in West Hollywood for rare maxi singles and imports. Spent hours at the other Tower Records in Long Beach too. Now, there’s Amoeba which is kind of fun to visit but I don’t like the parking situation in Hollywood. Talking about parking in L.A. I absolutely hate it.

I don’t think our bodies are designed to be sitting in the car for hours just to travel a few miles. I do understand it’s the city. But traveling from point A to point B in L.A. feels like it’s going to injure me. It’s stressful, not to mention the high rates of parking in downtown and the ridiculous no left turn rules from 4pm to 7pm in some areas of Hollywood and West Hollywood. Oh yeah they are there, and you have to be a psychic about it. I have paid over $1000 in the past just for parking tickets. I used to live literally 2 blocks from Paramount Studios and even though I have the privilege to see the Hollywood sign when I walk down the street, I have left that way of living.

Hollywood, the entertainment industry, the media, that’s all within me. I have been L.A. before I moved to L.A. is what one of my friends tell me. I did have the greatest luck to find the people that I have really learned to love and that love me back in this city. This is very rare. People that usually move to Los Angeles are here for reasons of stardom and there are millions of people that you have to rise above to let your light shine. Maybe it is all fate after all.

Talking about fate I always feel like I’m in a debate about what people say. If something goes wrong people say, “Everything happens for a reason”, but when everything goes right, people say “It was meant to be” like it is your fate or destiny. Then another is “You make your own destiny”. Quite honestly, that doesn’t really fly in my book. That’s just all so contradictory to me. I would love to see a panel of people debate on these expressions and find out which of the three they truly believe is the real deal. But then again, this is life and all three can all be taken in consideration because we live in unpredictability.

C’est la vie.