How far would they go?

1 02 2010

Information is information. I just saw this documentary last night and even though people have forgotten about it. These are facts that we can’t deny. What is social responsibility? Does it affect you?




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3 02 2010

I appreciate you sharing content like this. It’s much need info and it’s this kind of content that has the power to wake people up to the value of cold, hard information.

5 02 2010
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6 02 2010

I can remember the piece on the clothing where workers, young workers at that, were paid a mere pittance compared to the profit them labels make. It’s been a while since that documentary. Not much has been heard of since then. I wonder is it’s an issue of paying a fair wage, or have the big companies been able to sweep the story under the rug. Sad to see when this stuff still going on. Thanks for keeping us aware of these issues.

7 02 2010

Thank you for responding to my blog. It is very sad that these situations still exist. We have figured out how to send people to space or deep down the ocean but as simple as giving people access to the basic needs like food and water we still fail.

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